GeoITAnalytics (GIA) is a platform developed to visualize, analyse and provide insights for better decision making, by leveraging the power of Business Intelligence along with GIS.  GIA has been developed using fundamental concepts like On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) and supports data from diverse sources and platforms.

Key Features:

  • BI Reporting – Intuitive and interactive Charts and Graphs
  • Dynamic Data Filtering and Fast data visualization
  • Database Agnostic – CSV, XLS, Access, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server.
  • Integration to GIS server – Geoserver, ArcGIS Server, Hexagon Geospatial Portal
  • Consume data from shape file (*.SHP)
  • Compliant to OGC services –WMS, WMTS and WFS.
  • Real-time data visualisation –from GPS, Mobile Device and SCADA system.
  • Rapid Deployment: Deploy the solution and make it go-live in few days.
  • Complimentary to Existing GIS and IT Landscape

GEO-BI Dashboard for Education:

For Live Demo please visit : GeoBI Dashboard for Education


Air Quality Monitoring:

For Live Demo please visit : AIR Quality Index


Location Based Crime Reporting System for Police Department:

For Live Demo please visit : Location Based Crime Reporting System


Who Can use GIA:

Customers who are existing users of any BI and GIS technology:  GIA, Location Analytics platform can be used as layer on top of your existing BI and GIS landscape without replacing any of the components.

Clean slate users: New users who has not done any investment on either BI or GIS can easily use this tool for location analytics requirements.

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